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Nov 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
on the campaign trail, of trying toess win votes. obama beginning a after overseeing hurricane sandy response. mitt romney hitting virginia. let's skip the roundup from karen travers. >> full speed ahead today. getting back to business. after three days off the trail due to superstorm sandy, it's freeobama battlegrounds. mitt romney spends his entire in virginia, state that republicans are desperate to win. >> this is a critical place for us. five more days. >> the latest abc news poll shows a dead heat nationally. both sides claim to be winning in the battleground. president obama is a head its three poles in the most critical ones. president obama is working to shore up his midwest firewall. ohio, wisconsin, iowa will see a attention from him over the next five days. in virginia today. yesterday he spent all day in florida. both states he absolutely must order to get to the white house. neither side can say for sure the impact sandy has had on the race. past today's, was on the trail talking bipartisanship while obama had the op showing it republicanrsey christie, one of romney's biggest al
Nov 5, 2012 12:00pm EST
believed be involved in both crashes. now to the election, less than a away. shows thatcking poll t obama has a one-point over mitt romney among likely voters. that means that neither side up.letting >> the obama campaign believes path to 270 electoral through theidwest. the president is wisconsin, ohio, and today. their bet is on your cynicism. my bet is on you and your help. >> both candidates are earning frequent flyer miles through this stretch. they are appealing to undecided voters sick of d.c. dysfunction the president is sending more and more like the candidate of 2008. i want all parties to work together. we're not democrats and republicans first. we are americans first. >> mitt romney began the day in florida. >> tomorrow we begin a better tomorrow. >> in pennsylvania of all places, they will come to the candidate he is hoping for a victory there to pull off an electoral college victory. we will take pennsylvania. >> they see the keystone state's votes as aal possible insurance policy against using other swing states. if you look at ohio, florida, virginia, mitt romney has to 3
Nov 8, 2012 12:00pm EST
started screaming. >> president obama now getting back to business after his re- election. he announced plans for a ground- breaking visit and about two weeks. this would be the first by an american president to the area. meanwhile in the west, groups calling on a president obama to work on immigration reform. several organizations plan to rally in the white house this afternoon. what the whitepresident to work on immigration reform. >> now people are looking forward to the inauguration. four years ago people gathered around the nation's capital. now people are busy constructing the state of the platform where he will once again be sworn in as president. >> i already have friends of called a dibs on a bed in my house. >> hotels already are looking up, too. most with a minimum of four- night stay during a busy stretch. d.c. tourism capitalizing on this as well. >> and not wasting any time starting the planning. coming up you are on 87 news at noon in july and early taste of thanksgiving. we will tell you where you can sample pie today. >> and dozens of wounded warriors getting ready to h
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3